General Qualifications for Volunteers

Conduct & Faith in Jesus Christ

Each volunteer will conduct themselves in a way that demonstrates the gospel of Jesus to the community, and especially to all those who attend our programs. 


Each volunteer must have a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. This relationship begins through faith and trust in Jesus’ finished work on the Cross on your behalf as payment for your sin (selfish and self-willed rebellion against God’s rule in your life as Creator, Master, and Lord). True conversion results in regeneration of the heart and life that is continually changing to reflect our Lord Jesus Christ. This happens as a believer continually yields to the Power of the Holy Spirit, is devoted to God’s Word, is faithful in prayer, and responds to God’s leading in obedience.  

Must be an active member and or leader in good standing, for at least two (2) years, participating in the worship and life of a local Evangelical church.

Must be a person of sound Evangelical doctrine and practice.

Must be a Christian of mature faith and leadership ability, whose life and ministry are above reproach.


Description of Volunteers

Volunteers have a heart to see the children and youth in their community come to know, love, and radiate the glory of God. They are committed to God’s Word, and believe that youth are a key component in the local church. They volunteer their time (not paid) and energy because they are enthusiastic about the ministry God has given them.

Function of Volunteers

Volunteers Assist and work under the leadership of local church partners in facilitating and teaching the Bible clubs. This will include hearing children recite memory verses, preparing and teaching Bible lessons, working with the children to organize the club times, and assisting in record keeping.

Requirements for Volunteers

(Local Church Partners)

Because club volunteers are in teaching positions of Biblical content and are shepherding the souls of children, we desire each staff member to seek to live by the qualifications for overseers from 1 Timothy 3:1-7:

•         Faithful to their husband or wife (or if unmarried, living a life of purity and dedication to Christ)

•         Sober-minded and self-controlled

•         Respectable

•         Able to teach

•         Not a drunkard

•         Not violent, but gentle

•         Not quarrelsome

•         Not a lover of money

•         Manage their own household and life well

•         Not a recent convert

•         Maintain a reputation of integrity

With God’s continual help, knowing that we all are progressing in sanctification as related to the above, we will continually strive to grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. 

Volunteers Must be able to read, write, speak, and express oneself fluently and professionally in the English language, as well as in the local tribal language where the club is located.

Volunteers must understand, appreciate and abide by the constitution and the policies of One Life 20:24. (Constitution for your specific Country is available upon application from the National Office)

Treatment of Children

Each of us will seek to continually grow in the way we interact with children, striving to keep discipline but never in a harsh, angry way. Employees shall never hit, slap, or beat (or threaten) children, nor shall they defile or humiliate children, as such actions are criminal activity, according to Law. Children who do not respond to positive incentives for behaviour or verbal warnings shall be dismissed from the club for the day, and if undesirable behaviour is consistently a distraction, they shall be dismissed (with the consent of all other staff) for one month.

There shall always be at least two staff members on duty at a time, preferably one male and one female. And no staff member should ever be alone in an isolated area with a child/children without the presence of a guardian or another staff member.

Each volunteer and each of the children who attend our programs, are made in the image of God. (Genesis 1:27) As such, we should treat one another and the children in the same way we treat God. Jesus says: “As you have done it to the least of these, you have done it to me” (Matthew 25:40).

Each will seek to treat each child, youth, and those they interact in a manner that honours Jesus Christ.

Volunteers who fail to abide by the requirements shall be suspended.