Changing one life at a time by introducing them to the one who loves them Most, Jesus

Our mission is to see the next generation come to know, love, and radiate the glory of God


OneLife Youth Clubs Project


The clubs include two components:

1. Helping vulnerable youth in impoverished areas by providing them the opportunity to earn the basic supplies they need to thrive and stay in school. Motivating children to read, memorize and hide Gods Word in their hearts—establishing a strong foundation for life in an ever-changing world.

2. Working alongside local believers to train and equip them in how to effectively share the gospel and God’s Word; leading children in learning about our glorious God igniting a passion for His Word.

Key values

  • We believe that children and youth are highly valued by God and although often disvalued in many cultures, they are our future leaders. More importantly they are worshippers for God's kingdom and will bring Him great glory!
  • We believe the way in which we carry out our projects as youth workers affects the way our message ultimately impacts those we are sharing with. Many children have never experienced the gentle and genuine love of Christ, nor the lasting hope and joy He brings. We desire that both the message and the life of our staff will exemplify and glorify Christ.
  • We believe in the life and heart transforming power of Jesus & His Spirit, and believe that while we may assist in meeting physical needs, all individual's truest needs can be met only in the person and work of Christ. God carries out His work through His Word, the Bible, and the working of His Spirit. He doesn't need us, but it is a blessing and great joy to work alongside what He is doing. Our activities will always revolve around sharing the gospel and God's Word.
  • We believe in local churches who lead as Servants and Shepherds of their communities for the glory of God. We desire to partner with and come alongside local believers in the areas we serve when setting up Onelife Clubs. 
  • We believe that no single organization has the monopoly on materials, content, or methods. We know that God has given each member of the body of Christ unique gifts and resources. As such, we try not to “reinvent the wheel” whenever possible. Partnering and utilizing the most effective and needed materials, methods, and resources of other organizations. Some of these include: Children Desiring God, New Growth Press, Bethlehem Baptist Church, The Masters University, Shepherding the Heart Ministries, Grace Community Church Sun Valley,  Redeemer Presbyterian, and ACBC.

Opportunities for involvement: We Need YOU!

Cash for Verses

Provide needed basic school supplies for young people who are working hard to memorize Gods Word

At the heart of our program is the opportunity for youth from K1 (kindergarten) through secondary 4 (high school) to memorize bible verses in exchange for points “dollars” that they can redeem to get the things they need to stay in school. Children participate in regular Bible Clubs that are designed to explain the meaning of the verses they are memorizing and build a firm foundation and understanding of the gospel and Gods Word!

$30 a month Provides the money needed to motivate children to learn 70 Bible verses. We are funded by people like yourself who commit to giving $30 a month on an ongoing basis.

We’re not saying skip your latte...
but why not get a small instead of a large
and save $1 a day—it goes a long way
here to help kids know Jesus’ love!

If you are interested in coming alongside our work, please email: or click HERE to set up an ongoing monthly partnership for prizes.

Its not all serious theology around here, we also seek to enjoy life, fun, and the many good things God has given us with the children!