Get Involved!

These are a few of the ways you can help

Sponsor Cash for Verses

Provide basic school supplies for young people who are working hard to memorize God's Word

At the heart of our program is the opportunity for children & youth to memorize bible verses in exchange for points they can redeem to get things they need to stay in school.

Children participate in regular Bible clubs that are designed to explain the meaning of the verses they are memorizing, building a firm foundation and understanding of the gospel and God's Word.

$30 a month Provides the money needed to motivate children to learn approximately 70 Bible verses. 

How do points for verses work? For example, children must have 140 points to earn a foam mattress of their own (a highly coveted item!) A child earns 2 points for every verse memorized--that's 70 verses!

 We help the kids through the generosity of people like you who commit to giving $30 a month on an ongoing monthly basis.

Fund a New Club! 

Many areas, especially rural church plants, are eager to see a club started in their area. Staff from our team will spend time on site setting up the program, training national staff volunteers, setting up accountability procedures, and building relationships with local churches.  Investing in training local believers not only reaches the youth, but sets an example of serving in the church. 

The start-up cost for beginning a new club is $1500 and includes the training materials for staff, Bibles, teaching materials and visual materials.

We would love churches and groups to take on a new club by funding the startup cost of $1500, and then recruit individuals within their groups to individually sponsor an ongoing monthly prize sponsorship of $30!  We aim to keep costs as low as possible, requiring local churches to provide facilities, volunteers, & other basic supplies. 

Onelife staff visit club sites on a regular basis to encourage & invest in national staff, and ensure program materials and funds are being used well. 

Short Term Teams

An opportunity for your church or college group. Not for the faint of heart, but an amazing life-changing opportunity for both yourself and the children and youth you will minister to.

We think every student should visit other parts of the world to grow in their perspective of life and in appreciation for all God has done and is doing.

Boost and invest in our onelife club communities by facilitating VBS and Youth Camps.

To request more information and to learn about current needs email: