Ugandan Pastors: Apply to Have a Club in Your Area

We are convinced that a healthy God-glorifying local church is God’s greatest  tool to transform communities. Pastors of church plants in rural areas may apply for consideration to become a local church partner in order to host a One Life 20:24 Bible Club.

A very necessary part of church planting and growth is the care and training of the next generation of believers. They are our future. We will                      usually prefer applications that are submitted by a group of pastors, showing cooperation between local churches. 

We are convinced that a healthy God-glorifying local church is God’s greatest tool to transform communities.

We consider churches based on the following requirements. 

The following requirements are needed from Ugandan Pastors and Church Leadership Wishing to Apply for a Club, Becoming a Local Church Partner:

-       Pastors & Church leadership affirm and agree to abide by our key values upholding the mission statement and values of OneLife 20:24.

-       Sign and affirm our Statement of Faith.

-       The Pastor(s) commits to being onsite regularly overseeing the project ensuring quality, content, and accountability requirements.

-       The pastor(s) & church leadership vets/screens and provides at least 2 qualified local believers (1 male and 1 female minimum) who serve as volunteers (not paid) who will be trained for teaching and administrating the club in their church. Qualifications for Volunteers Here.

-       The pastor(s) affirms and agrees that he also meets and agrees to abide by the requirements for volunteers. Church Partners understand that they are servant leaders and are not paid or financially remunerated for their facilitation of the One Life 20:24 ministry in their community.

-       The local church(es) provides a location for the clubs to take place. (A place that is peaceful, safe, has shelter from the rain, and has accessibility to host the clubs each week.

-       The Pastor(s) takes full responsibility to ensure that proper records and accountability are kept and submitted to the National Office in Uganda. This will include registration of children, attendance records, receipts, and invoices from supplies the children earn.

-       The Pastor(s) and church leadership submit an essay, including the information listed below. 

Please Submit an essay explaining the following items:

·      A description of goals and motivation in pursuing a OneLife 20:24 Club.

·      A description of the church(es).

·      A description of the people they shepherd and lead (Needs, growth, general well-being and income of the community).

·      A description of their conversion to saving faith.

·      A description of their own family.

·      The number and ages of children and youth currently faithful to attend the church(es).

·      The primary language(s) spoken in the church(es) and community

·      A description of their current responsibilities and time invested in caring for and leading their church(es).

·       A description and listing of any other NGO’s, mission organizations, or other projects currently operating in or partnering with their community.

Please Kindly note that submitting the requirements for a club to be sponsored in your area in no way guarantees that your area will be chosen for a club. All clubs are  established at the leading of the Holy Spirit, the direction of our Board of Advisors, and God's provision and enabling through our donors.

Note to Pastors in Kampala & Jinja: although other organizations serve children in the Kampala and Jinja areas, we seek to reach the more rural unreached and impoverished areas of Uganda.