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Cash for Verses

Provide needed basic school supplies for young people who are working hard to memorize Gods Word

At the heart of our program is the opportunity for youth from K1 (kindergarten) through secondary 4 (high school) to memorize bible verses in exchange for points “dollars” that they can redeem to get the things they need to stay in school. Children participate in regular Bible Clubs that are designed to explain the meaning of the verses they are memorizing and build a firm foundation and understanding of the gospel and Gods Word!

$30 a month Provides the money needed to motivate children to learn 70 Bible verses. We are funded by people like yourself who commit to giving $30 a month on an ongoing basis. 

We’re not saying skip your latte...
but why not get a small instead of a large
and save $1 a day—it goes a long way
here to help kids know Jesus’ love!


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Personal Support, Laura

Your monthly support or one-time donation allows us to live with and serve the people of Uganda. Donations are safe, secure, and tax-deductible, but most importantly it is a chance to invest in the work God is doing in rural Uganda.

* God has very graciously provided all of the funding I currently need for my personal support--thanks to faithful ongoing generous churches and friends! However, we are currently seeking more pledges for the Cash for Verses programs (See above) Any additional support will be used for the cash for verses program. 

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