Any mail from home is an absolute delight. A simple email reply to a monthly update saying that you are praying for me... missing me, etc. means so much on the field (Folks, you really have no idea how appreciated that is!) Snail mail letters are really fun, but by the time they arrive in Uganda it's usually pretty old news but none-the-less delightful.

However, the "bomb-diggity-bomb" of all mail are those little care packages with hints of home in them. The news contained in the letters might be old, but the chocolate or coffee aged on its long journey across the sea still tastes amazing because it is a reminder of home! Some of my fellow missionaries with WHM put together a little list for care packages on their blogs... I thought that was a pretty brilliant idea so I'm following suit.

Generally speaking letters can arrive as quickly as 2 weeks or as long as 2 months. Packages can take a bit longer, but at times can be surprisingly faster. Some can take quite a long time. One Christmas package arrived in my hands in August, but it was in God's perfect timing and contained a book that was a blessing to me during that specific time.

Here are some packing and content suggestions for packages:

-Chocolate, especially dark chocolate or mint chocolate!
-Dried Berries or nuts
-Chocolate covered almonds or pretzels
-Reese's Peanut Butter cups, they're my favourite!
-Starbucks Via drink packets, it's no secret that I'm a coffee lover!
-Chocolate Chips
-New Music, we can fall pretty behind on cool new songs... (Me: "Oh, I love this new song! -  Friend: "that came out 2 years ago!" :)
-Books (I love biographies!)
-Magazines (Just fun to look at! Helps me stay a little more current on what's going on!)
-Nice smelling things like miniature hand creams, hand sanitizer, candles.
-Gatorade Powder (comes in real handy when you're sick here!)
-Protein/Nut Bars
-Face cleansing wipes
-Taco & Ranch Seasoning
-Pictures & Letters from you! (I usually post these on my wall for months... and quite possibly years at a time :)

It's a good idea to pack things inside ziplock bags to avoid any spills and to help keep out the overly eager ants here! Those ziploc bags are a treasure that will get washed and reused numerous times.

Ship to:

Laura Stewart
World Harvest Mission
P.O. Box 1142
Bundibugyo, Uganda
East Africa

Note: on the customs form be sure to note that it is a gift. If it's valued too high monetarily it can also cause problems on our end with folks wanting to enjoy their own "piece of the pie!"