The Use of the Word Rolex.

Equate it with something the average man can obtain? With something quick and easy?

Not usually, but here in Uganda it is! It’s one of the typical Ugandan fast food’s available roadside throughout the Country. It’s a flat non-yeast bread similar to a tortilla cooked on a hot plate over charcoal, and then an egg is beaten and mixed with onions, salt, and peppers. Once the egg is cooked, it is placed inside the Chapati (flatbread) rolled together and eaten.

Why do they call them Rolex? Well, during the colonial years they were called “rolled eggs,” however in this culture R’s and L’s are difficult to say and in their pronunciation are somehow combined. Thus, pronounced something along the lines of “rauul-eauux” and over time, it came to be spelled Rolex.

So next time you’re out and about, grab me a Rolex, eh? If you come visit you can try one-it will cost you just about 50 cents or less! :)