Do you ever feel like what you were sure God had for you isn’t happening? That there’s been some major roadblock or detour, perhaps someone else messed up God’s plan? I have experienced many such times in my life… and I wanted to convince myself that “that” time in my life had passed and it was all green lights from here on in… but alas, nope I’m still human…and yes, disappointments and delays are still part of my life! (Just writing that made me smile—why do we sometimes think we’re immune to real life at times?! haha)

The reality is that quite often God doesn’t allow us to immediately experience what we feel is His plan. Sometimes God wants to finish preparing us for the next step, at other times He delays us with the purpose of ministering to someone while we’re on a detour—and actually as I’m learning much of God’s plan happens while we are on route to our destination.

I’ve been a little perplexed at what God’s up to over the last few months. I currently enjoy my life and I’ve had a lot of neat experiences over the last few months! I have a super job right now, nice home, great family, close friends, I’ve been asked to consider running for Office… But God has continually placed missions on my heart and I’m still trying to figure out when, where, and how. To some degree I feel that the ball is now in “God’s court”—not that it’s ever really been out of his court, but I believe that I have pursued and knocked on all the doors that He has brought my way.  Many of you know that for over six years now God has placed missions in Uganda on my heart. At times I have drastically rearranged my life, degree, etc in order to pursue what God was calling me to. Some of you have walked with me through those exciting faith building times! As some of you have been asking—“Yes… it’s still on my heart! But, no it’s not right now.” Part of me is a little sad about that. Right now it’s forced me to continue to look truly to Him both for His provision in the future, but also His vision and vigour for the present! There are two words that have been incredibly encouraging to me right now—Take heart. Some translations say be of “good cheer”’

God had placed a desire on Paul’s heart to go to Rome and minister there... BUT it took YEARS for him to see it fulfilled! In Acts 23:11 God told Paul: "Be of good cheer (some versions say take courage or take heart!) for as you have preached the gospel in Jerusalem so you must also bear witness in Rome." Even after God told Paul this, he had quite a journey in front of him—people wanted to take his life, he was kept as a prisoner... then almost died in a horrible storm at sea, and then was shipwrecked... However, as God promised, Paul finally got to Rome. BUT all along the way God had divinely appointed opportunities for Paul to testify to God’s grace.

I guess right now God is telling me to "be of good cheer" and "take heart"... and in the meantime, God has other people and places for me to be a missionary to. So, what about you?? =)