The other night I was out jogging with my good ole’ dog Boondocks and I once again had “my” reminder that sometimes it’s better not to fight…especially when it’s with a cow! I laughed and smiled to myself as I remembered the day when I accumulated this sore foot. Yep, you are about to hear another one of my farming escapades! One doesn’t make a lot of money farming (right Mom?!) but it sure provides you with endless stories and entertainment.

Back when I was a teenager we had a Holstein named “Daisy May”; a name I had given her when she was a small loving calf, born in May and I had wrapped daisy flowers around her ears. Back then she was such a little angel… However, Daisy May grew to be a little "devil"! Because of her incredible size she developed quite the attitude ruling the rest of the herd. While doing the chores one Friday afternoon I went to remove the milking machine off Daisy May, she decided that instead of kindly moving her back leg out of the way-she would instead reposition it just enough to promptly stand on my foot. Can I remind you that she weighs well over 1000 lbs?! This cow was quite unusually intelligent and knew exactly what she was doing—after she stood on my foot she turned and looked at me, casually chewing her latest mouthful of hay. (Made me mad) As the discomfort grew, I yelled at her to move her foot—no response… I then tapped her leg… no response… after what seemed like an eternity and feeling like I was about to lose feeling in my left foot; I began to “whale” on her with my right foot. I continued this kicking with increasing fervency as time progressed. (It was quite a feat in and of itself—maintaining my balance on the one trapped foot, all the while swinging the free foot back and forth to give her a little pain in return.) Daisy May didn’t respond to the kicking, but instead seemed to be thoroughly entertained by my predicament. Here I was trapped not only in the barn, but under her back hoof.

She finally grew bored of her position and let me go, much to my relief.  However, to this day my foot has never been the same

But it’s not the foot she stood on—it’s the foot I was fighting with. My Left foot, although bruised and sore for a few days healed just fine, but my right foot has never the same. I was much too embarrassed to go to the Dr at the time. I could only imagine what might take place: The Dr: “So, what’s the problem with your foot Laura?” “Well, you see a one-ton cow was standing on my foot.” “Oh, no wonder it’s a little sore.” “Ya, but that was the other foot—you see, it’s this foot that hurts.” “Why does that foot hurt?” “Because I kicked the cow four dozen times with everything I was worth.” (You see that just wouldn’t sound good!) So, I didn’t go have my foot looked at but instead the cracked or broken bone just “healed” on it’s own. Now, quite commonly when I jog or walk and extended distances I get a dull pain in my right foot. Even though the incident was well over ten years ago!

Got me to thinking… that’s a good lesson for life. Sometimes it’s better to just accept circumstances God puts in our life joyfully—realizing that putting our effort into exercising patient endurance is a much better plan (because we are actually powerless to change some of these circumstance) rather than using up our energy fighting.  

“Therefore be patient, brethren, until the coming of the Lord. The farmer waits for the precious produce of the soil, being patient about it, until it gets the early and late rains. You too be patient; strengthen your hearts, for the coming of the Lord is near.”-James 5:7-8

 So, to this day I have a little reminder when I jog in my right foot- sometimes it’s better not to fight… especially with a cow.