Back in Uganda after a wonderful Christmas vacation!! It's strange how the mix of all the things I love and dislike are all melting into one-somehow it feels more and more like home. Here's what stuck out to me today:

The land of warm balmy sunshine, wearing sandals and no more sweaters; where you wake up to the smell of burning trash (somehow it reeks of normalcy!); the sound of monkeys and Ugandan birds in the trees; roosters that start crowing much too early in the morning; warm greetings in person and by phone by Ugandan friends overjoyed to see you back; where the internet gives you a daily opportunity to grow in grace and patience... where a certain fellowship and community is felt by all enduring a power outage during a hot--hot day; where you can spend significant time in traffic jams (but while you're sitting there you can buy anything from toilet paper, to potatoes, to a new hammer. All from the hawkers taking advantage of the situation); when traffic is moving you fight for your place (and I continually talk out loud to the other drivers who very obviously need my "coaching" ;); and where today I continually turned on my windshield wipers instead of my blinker-ALL day long! (Adjusting to driving on the Left side of the road and the RH side of the vehicle again!) But I was praising God for how quickly He helps us adapt... only a few weeks ago I was turning on the windshield wipers in Canada and re-learning to drive on the Right side of the road!

In other news, I finally feel like I'm getting this supply shopping for a few months at a time thing down! :)  Good to be back. And, yes if you're guessing by the time of this post... JET LAG has me bad. Nighty night! 

Here's some pictures of my wonderful Christmas Vacation with my Family! (Below)