I just got them this week-my tickets are booked back to UGANDA!!! What a journey it has been and how much God has done through these last few months!
I am filled “right up to the brim” with gratefulness to God for so many of you who have helped me along the way through the long transition and who are helping me return!
Your partnership, generosity, enthusiasm and prayers have cheered me along the way, and thanks to you I'm back off to Uganda long-term!!!
I will depart from Northern Ontario January 22, & depart for Uganda Tuesday, January 26th!!! I’m excited to get my feet back on the red dusty soil of Uganda and be among the people God has called me to. The plane journey is just over 20 hours, then I will spend 5 days in Kampala (the capital) getting supplies, setting up my phone & other necessary items, before we make the 8-hour journey out to my new home in Bundibugyo on February 1.
Thanks for your continuing prayers. I cannot tell you how much your prayers have meant, were needed, and will continue to be needed as we seek to bring the light of Jesus to dark places. I have felt and experienced both the intense spiritual battle we are involved in, and the victory that is ours through prayer in Jesus’ name. Keep praying for the team and I as we enter a new season! Specific prayer requests & praises are in the boxes to the right.
With much love & gratefulness to God for you... Along with much excitement!


Radio Interview!
In November I had the opportunity to be interviewed on The Word, MCBI Radio Network talking about Uganda & Serge.
It was my first time on the radio and was kind of fun! I’m thankful for the dear friends who set it up for me. You can listen to the interview here

We discuss questions like:
“Is missions a call?”
“Is it true, 'First you go, unless there’s a reason to stay?'"
“Are Christians called to take the Gospel to Hard Places?”
“There used to be an old mindset of  being proud of ‘burning out for Jesus’-do you think that’s wise?” 

…And other random and interesting topics of conversation related to missions!

Here’s how you can PRAY:
Pray that God would provide a good journey and a smooth entrance back into Uganda and help me get the needed visas!

Pray that God would give me, my family, & friends His comfort as we say goodbyes and trust Him to build & provide new relationships.

Pray that God would give us a special season of blessing as the next semester at Christ School Bundibugyo begins.

Pray that the Lord would give me His protection as I enter back into Uganda & that He would continue to protect us from those who would seek to do us harm.

Pray that the Lord would clearly direct me in regards to the local church I will be a part of.

Pray that God would help me to learn yet another language/culture as I adjust to working with a different tribe/region than I was in previously.

Pray that God would help me adjust to the drastic change in weather! (Going from the now Canadian winter of -25, to the dead heat of the African dry season)
Praise: That the Lord has granted favor once again and I’m able to retain my socialized medical care in Canada for the next 3 years (even though I reside overseas!) This saves us missionaries considerable money in medical insurance.

Praising God for seeing His Spirit at work in the partners He has brought forward and their encouragement to me through personal sacrifice & generosity!

Praising God for the arrival of my Grandma in heaven at Christmas. She will be missed, but I’m thankful that the Lord delayed my departure so I was here to say goodbye. Gods timing is perfect