In honour of National Dog day-here's ten things my ole' dog "Boondocks" taught me about life:

1. No matter where we go, where we came from is still a big part of who we are. (Her name "Boondocks"...I named her that to remind me that despite living in the big city and loving it, I'm a country kid at heart. And yes, despite this dog living with me in the city for years-she still loves the outdoors and theres nothing quite like an open field and a squirrel to chase)

2. Everyday is a new day with new adventures in it... and, no doubt, new mistakes as well. Being woken up every morning by my tail wagging dog that just couldn't wait to see what the new day held is infectious. (Life and a career are much the same.) Meet it with gusto and gratefulness.

3. People who appear stoic or even grumpy can eventually be won over by a warm welcome, a smile and a wagging tail... eventually!

4. It doesn't really matter how someone appears from the outside, they're a person that just needs a little love.

5. Home is that place where, despite the hour you arrive back or what went on throughout the day, you're met with excitement and welcomed because you're simply there.

6. There's nothing more precious in the world than companionship-you don't need fancy things to hang out and enjoy life. The beauty of a sunset, for example.

7. Life is messy but wonderful. We may get dirty living life or having an adventure... but a bath is always a possibility! (Thank you Jesus :)

8. Sleep and rest are beautiful things. Totally appropriate and wonderful at the end of a day you lived with gusto. Don't try to skip it but embrace it as a gift of your humanity or earthliness. (If you're my dog she will complain and groan if someone's chattering is keeping her awake after her early bedtime.) Yes, early rise and early to bed is usually the best plan.

9. Loyalty is wonderful. I've got your back, you've got mine. (I always slept well and in peace knowing that she would wake me up should someone try to break in.)

10. It's not so much where you're going, much of life is comprised of the journey you're on and who you're with.