Laura was raised on a farm in a small rural town in Ontario, Canada. Her summer days were spent as a farm-kid milking cows, herding cattle, and working in the fields. She loves her family. Her Dad will tell you she is a skilled musician and is the best combine driver in the family. Her brother will tell you that Laura and her sister have no trouble keeping up with the boys when it comes to mowing hay. Her sister will tell you that they are insanely competitive—many an adventure started with a dare or competition. Her Mom will tell you that Laura is the family organizer, analyst, and lover of all things creative. Her heart was dramatically changed when she came to understand the gospel in the fall of 2004 while attending University in Southern California. She is passionate about sharing Jesus with others so they too can experience the joy of being loved by and walking with Him.

After travelling to Uganda for the first time in the summer of 2005 Laura returned many times. She’s never been able to figure out exactly what she wants to be when she “grows up”, but so far she has loved every life chapter and knows that God is weaving all the details together—preparing her for the next thing and making it into something beautiful. She is thankful God allows her to have a part in the bigger story of His kingdom.

After graduation, Laura took a job managing a Starbucks where she solidified her love for strong coffee. Following this Laura stepped into a career (fuelled by strong coffee!) working as a political assistant for almost 5 years on the Hill in Canadian politics. While she loved her career in politics, in 2013 God led Laura to move to a rural village in Uganda helping establish the activities of a young organization. After spending just over a year in Uganda, Laura returned to Canada and her work on the Hill while she raised her support to return to Uganda long-term.

Laura loves the people of Uganda and felt God calling her to pursue long-term missions. Laura joined the Serge team in Bundibugyo and works at Christ School, as well as assisting the team with their mission to love and reach the people of this region with the gospel. Laura has a B.A. in Political Science

Thank you for your Partnership & Friendship!

Laura's Alma Mater profiled her & her work in their Alumni Magazine-See it HERE (pg 22-23)